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Confronting Racism in ‘Post-Racial’ America | Campus Climate

The Black Graduate and Professional Students Association presents a lecture with LaDoris Cordell, retired Superior Court judge, California. Wed., Oct 28, 1-2:30 pm. Coffman Memorial Union Theater.

Find out about Judge Cordell here.

Free and open to the public. Read more in the Facebook event.

Risky Business: Confronting Racism in ‘Post-Racial’ America | Campus Climate

Assignment:  Attend and record this lecture.  If possible, get an interview with Judge Cordell and talk to some members of her audience about the topics she raises.

Produce a report for the Morning Blend, make speech audio available for public affairs programmers


Iran Deal Roundtable

Assignment:  Attend this event at the Humphrey School on Monday, August 24th.
Collect and edit tape for a feature on the Morning Blend

Iran Nuclear Deal

Pros and Cons 

A Round Table Discussion 

Organized by United Nations Association of Minnesota


August 24, 2015, 5:00-7:00 P.M.


Cowles Auditorium, Humphrey School of Public Affairs 

University of Minnesota


Moderator: Dean Eric Schwartz

Panel Speaker: Professor William Beeman,

Iran Scholar and Chair of

Department of Anthropology, U of M

Panel Speaker: Steve Hunegs, Executive Director

Jewish Community Relation Council, JCRC

Guest of Honor: Congressman Keith Ellison 

Other guests have been asked but not confirmed. 


Co-sponsored by Humphrey School of Public Affairs

Others are invited to co-sponsor at no cost.


Contacts: Jay Shahidi,

Stu Ackman:

Law Enforcement Urges $ for Early Learning

Assignment:  Attend this press event on Wednesday, April 22 and file a report for the Morning Blend

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE          CONTACT:    Jennifer Arnold

                                                                                                              (508) 439-0413





Minnesota Law Enforcement Leaders Support High-Quality

Early Learning to Reduce Future Crime


WHO:             Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek

Dakota County Sheriff Tim Leslie

Ramsey County Sheriff Matthew Bostrom

WHAT:          News conference to release I’m the Guy You Pay Later, a brief linking the importance of quality early learning to future crime reduction, and calling for a minimum investment of $150 million annually in preschool programs.

WHERE:        YWCA of Minneapolis Children’s Center at Midtown

2121 East Lake Street

Minneapolis, MN 55407

WHEN:          9:30 a.m. Wednesday, April 22


On behalf of 82 Minnesota police chiefs, sheriffs and prosecutors, Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek, Dakota County Sheriff Tim Leslie and Ramsey County Sheriff Matthew Bostrom are encouraging lawmakers to expand access of high-quality early learning opportunities for Minnesota children as a first step toward reducing future crime.


The local law enforcement leaders will make their case with the release of a brief, I’m the Guy You Pay Later. Speaking in person at the event, the Sheriffs will describe how quality early learning experiences prepare children for long-term academic success, thereby reducing the likelihood they will turn to crime in later years. Approximately 20 percent of Minnesota students fail to graduate from high school on time, and research in the report shows that nationwide seven in 10 prison inmates do not have a high school diploma.

The law enforcement leaders will also discuss how raising academic achievement and graduation rates could save public dollars. Minnesota currently spends more than $487 million on prisons and corrections to incarcerate about 9,950 adults each year. The law enforcement leaders will urge lawmakers to provide a minimum investment of $150 million annually for the state’s preschool program, which would enable approximately 20,000 more children to participate. The brief projects that providing this investment of $150 million in preschool could help Minnesota reduce its prisoners by nearly 1,000 each year and save $49 million annually in corrections costs. This is only one part of larger savings from the investment that the brief highlights—at least $520 million for each graduating preschool class in the long term.

# # #

Hip-Hop, Hope – Using Culture to Boost Engagement

Gloria Ladson-Billings is a professor at the University of Wisconsin who has studied the strategies of teachers who succeed with African American students. Ladson-Billings has been doing this for 20 years.

She has recognized hip hop as a primary element of culturally relevant pedagogy.

Professor Ladson-Billings will be in Minnesota on Wednesday, May 13th, to lead a workshop at the University of Minnesota.

Assignment:  Interview Gloria Ladson-Billings about her work in advance of the May 13th event.  A recorded conversation with music examples interwoven through post production could be an engaging Morning Blend feature.



Ebb & Flow – Minnesota’s Population Future

The Minnesota State Demographic Center issued a report last week that details how people are leaving Minnesota for other states.  

The birthrate keeps us moving forward economically with a growing population, in combination with immigrants moving here from overseas.   

Note:  A recent national report says immigrant entrepreneurs boost the economy, here in Minnesota and elsewhere.

As the baby boomers leave the workforce, the state, and eventually, the planet, Minnesota’s birth rate will not be able to keep up and maintaining growth will be a bigger challenge.

Assignment:  File a report or do a series of interviews on the Morning Blend about this new demographic information and  its ramifications.


Underrepresented Minorities in Biomedical Research

The University of Minnesota has received a grant to promote the professional development of underrepresented minorities in biomedical research.

Assignment: Talk to Kolawole Okuyemi, M.D., M.P.H., director of the U of M Program in Health Disparities Research and professor of Family Medicine and Community Health in the U of M Medical School.

Produce a stand-alone interview or do additional interviews and come up with a produced piece about why this effort is underway.

Deadline: Flexible. It would be nice to have this for broadcast the week of November 10.