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2015 Grant Recipients – Forecast Public Art

Seven artists have been awarded 2015 Grants from Forecast Public Art for mid-career and emerging artists.

Seitu Jones got the largest grant – $50 thousand dollars for a project to develop “a floating platform for artistic and scientific experiences with the overall goal of using art and ecology to foster a greater understanding of the Mississippi River watershed and the public’s role as environmental stewards”.    

A conceptual drawing of the  “Art Ark” is pictured above.

Assignment:  Interview Seitu Jones and/or some of the other artists about their plans and the importance of these grants.


Immigrant Entrepreneurs and Economic Growth

On January 14th, the Americas Society and the Council of the Americas will release a report on Immigrant Entrepreneurs and Economic Growth: How Immigrant Small Businesses are Supporting Main Street.

Minneapolis is one of the metro areas examined in the report.

There will be a presentation and panel discussion at the AS/COA offices in New York, along with a live webcast.

One of the panelists is Mihailo Temali of the Neighborhood Development Center. 

Assignment: Schedule a live or recorded interview with Mihailo Temali or a representative of the Americas Society about the details of this report.

Contacts at Neighborhood Development Center:
Mihailo Temali, Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Communications & Development
Emily Blodgett, Director of External Communications

Soon-Young Oh, Communications & Resource Development Coordinator

Contacts at the Americas Society:
Adriana La Rotta | | 212-277-8384