Hip-Hop, Hope – Using Culture to Boost Engagement

Gloria Ladson-Billings is a professor at the University of Wisconsin who has studied the strategies of teachers who succeed with African American students. Ladson-Billings has been doing this for 20 years.

She has recognized hip hop as a primary element of culturally relevant pedagogy.

Professor Ladson-Billings will be in Minnesota on Wednesday, May 13th, to lead a workshop at the University of Minnesota.

Assignment:  Interview Gloria Ladson-Billings about her work in advance of the May 13th event.  A recorded conversation with music examples interwoven through post production could be an engaging Morning Blend feature.




One thought on “Hip-Hop, Hope – Using Culture to Boost Engagement”

  1. Would love to volunteer for this story. However, I propose that I interview Professor Ladsen-Billings over the phone, prior to her engagement in tandem with an interview that I proposed this morning with Maia Maiden, producer of Sistah Solo | Being Brothas
    show at t Intermedia Arts, May 14 thru 16. Sending note to Xan for an in-studio interview on the morning of May 11th.


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