Huck Finn at Children’s Theater

Huck Finn is a great work by Mark Twain, and something of a lightning rod, especially when presented to children. The Children’s Theater in Minneapolis is producing this classic for most of March.

Here’s an interview pitch that came from the theater – looking for some attention from KFAI:

I wanted to reach out to you about our upcoming production of Huck Finn opening next week and see if you may be interested on one of the KFAI shows in a chat with either Greg Banks (in town until March 6), Peter Brosius or perhaps Ansa Akyea who plays Jim.

It is a really special adaptation of the book, most notably for its stripping out of the n-word due to the violence it provokes and distraction from the key power of the story.

Ansa especially has an interesting perspective of why he does this production still; he does it for his children, he does it because looking back at the history of slavery in this country is still important and especially a look at racism and how far, but also how little we have come. I’m attaching the press release that talks about all these points.

Peter and Greg can talk also about the development and artistic choices they have taken in creating this work.

Assignment: Schedule an interview with actor Ansa Akyea, Artistic Director Peter Brosius and/or Director Greg Banks on the Morning Blend. This can be live or recorded.


2 thoughts on “Huck Finn at Children’s Theater”

  1. Hi Brenda,

    OK, let’s move forward with this. I’ve contacted the Children’s Theater Company and it sounds like the best opportunity to do an interview comes later in the day – 7:45 am is too early for people who are doing intense nighttime rehearsals right now. Let’s talk about your middle-of-the-day availability next week!


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