The State Rating Game

It feels like every day I get an e-mail from some organization that has rated our state or one of our major cities as the best place to order pizza for children or the most bike-friendly or the most emotionally insecure.

Right now I have two in front of me – Politico magazine says Minnesota is the best state in the Union.  

Meanwhile, another blog, 24/7 Wall Street, says Minnesota is among the Worst states in the union for Black Americans.   And by “among” they mean the real worst, second only to Wisconsin.

Why such different views of the same sets of data?   And why so many ratings?   Do we really feel better if we think we’re better than Mississippi?  Do we really believe it if someone says we’re actually worse?

Assignment:  Talk to opinion leaders about the truth and/or value of these state ratings.  What motivates us more – pride or shame?



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