Ka Joog | Enriching the Life of Somali American Youth

As a Morning Blend interview, or through a reporter piece, this is a good time to check in with Ka Joog, a local group dedicated to enriching the life of Somali youth.

From the organization’s website:  Ka Joog is a Somali term for “stay away.” In this context it is meant to encourage Somali youth to stay away from drugs, violence, radicalization, or other negative activities. Instead, we are focusing youth toward higher education, civic involvement, and volunteer commitment to the community. Ka Joog helps Somali youth understand their options and make the right choices. We provide positive outlets through the arts and other media. We encourage the youth to share their talents and enjoy the opportunity to experience the talents of others. 

Ka Joog just made a request at the legislature for funding to work against terrorist recruiting of Minnesota Somalis – 4 million dollars over two years.

Assignment:  Interview Mohamed Farah about Ka Joog’s legislative request and its activities in the community.

Mohamed Farah
Executive Director
Phone: 651-795-1589
Email: mfarah@kajoog.org




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