What Happens “After The Lock”?

The Minneapolis Riverfront will change soon when the lock closes. What does that mean for the future of this increasingly vibrant area of the Twin Cities metro?

This will be the topic of a forum organized by the Minneapolis Riverfront Partnership on Thursday, January 22nd.


Reporters – Attend the forum, and file a report about this issue for the Morning Blend.
Morning Blend Producers – Schedule a live interview to preview this on January 19, 20, 21 or 22.

Forum of experts to discuss the closing of the St. Anthony Falls Upper Lock;
its effect and opportunities for the site, the river and the city.
Thursday, January 22nd; Mill City Museum

Minneapolis, MN: January 6, 2015: In June 2015, the St. Anthony Falls Upper Lock will close primarily to stop the spread of invasive carp into the Upper River. What will be the impact on the Minneapolis Riverfront? “Minneapolis After the Lock: Unlocking New Opportunities” a Riverfront Vitality Forum presented by the Minneapolis Riverfront Partnership (MRP), impanels a group of experts to discuss these questions and hear ideas about how the river can be used in new ways. The Forum will take place on Thursday, January 22nd, from 6-7:30 PM at the Mill City Museum. Admission is free. Reserve a seat at http://www.minneapolisriverfrontpartnership.org.
When barge traffic ends, river management practices such as dredging will change. The closure will also have an environmental and economic impact on the entire river in the city of Minneapolis. What are the opportunities that the lock closure will bring to the river and riverfront in terms of recreation and development? How does this closure fit into the Central Riverfront Master Plan? These questions and others will be addressed. Scheduled panel speakers are:
• Jacob Frey, Minneapolis City Councilperson for the Third Ward
• John Anfinson, Superintendent, Mississippi National River and Recreation Area, National Parks Service
• Nanette Bischoff, Project Manager/FERC Coordinator, U. S. Army Corps of Engineers
• Thomas Meyer, Principal, MSR Architecture, Interiors and Urban Design
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• Moderator: Kathleen Boe, Executive Director of the Minneapolis Riverfront Partnership.
Note: According to Federal law, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will close St. Anthony Falls Upper Lock no later than June 2015 primarily to stop the spread of invasive carp into the Upper River. Such a spread has the potential to inflict destruction on lakes and rivers throughout Minnesota, effectively destroying water recreation throughout the state.
MRP launched the Riverfront Vitality Forums to bring diverse groups together to work on issues critical to creating a vibrant riverfront community. MRP’s signature work—the Riverfront Vitality Report—is tracking the results of public and private efforts toward creating a healthy, livable riverfront with greenspace and trails accessible to everyone.

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For further information, contact: Kathleen Boe, Minneapolis Riverfront Partnership, kathleen.boe@minneapolisriverfrontpartnership.org, or Merle Minda, mminda@earthlink.net.

photo credit: Doug Kerr via CC BY-SA 2.0 license via http://tinyurl.com/kse48uu


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