Moon of the Little Spirit Feast – Winona LaDuke and Sean Sherman

Winona LaDuke may be available to talk about the following December 21st event in Duluth,  possibly alongside Chef Sean Sherman.  The topic – what is “pre-contact” Native American cuisine?

This could be either a live or recorded Morning Blend interview.


Alyssa Hoppe
Honor the Earth
(612) 385 – 1557

Manidoo Giizisoons Feast (Moon of the Little Spirit Feast) – Honor The Earth.


‘Manidoo Giizisoons Celebration (Moon of the Little Spirit)’

with Sean Sherman aka the Sioux Chef & a Native Craft Fair

Duluth, Minnesota – Monday, November 24th. Winona LaDuke, Executive Director of Honor the Earth, invites the northland to Clyde Iron Works on Sunday, December 21st for a Native craft fair and traditional Indigenous Benefit Dinner in honor of the Solstice and the sacred waters in our region. Joining LaDuke and Honor the Earth in hosting this benefit dinner is leadership from WaterLegacy, a Duluth based non-profit organization working to protect Minnesota’s waters and the communities who rely on them.

The craft fair will be held from 11AM to 4PM with a social hour beginning at 5:30PM before dinner is served at 6:30PM. Tickets for the dinner are $45 per person, $80 per couple, or $300 for an 8 person table. All proceeds go to benefit the campaigns protecting clean water from sulfide mining & pipeline development in Minnesota

This event features Chef Sean Sherman, aka the Sioux Chef, Oglala Lakota Sioux of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota, and a meal of “pre-contact” inspired Native American cuisine. Sherman has spent the past 25 years harvesting wisdom from his ancestors by studying the indigenous knowledge of wild foods prior to colonization. With that knowledge, Sherman prepares modern dishes utilizing wild and cultivated food of the Dakota and Ojibwe tribes. With his new restaurant and learning center opening this winter in the Twin Cities, we are grateful to have him join us as an honored chef.

Throughout the night, guests will enjoy a succulent four course meal consisting of local ingredients from the resurgent indigenous foods movement, such as smoked duck, white corn mush, birch syrup, smoked northern and hominy cakes, cedar stewed turkey, puffed wild rice and more! In addition, Chef Sherman will share a presentation of the Slow Food Wild Rice Presidia and traditional foods of the northland.

Be sure to join us earlier in the day for a Native craft fair in the Mezzanine of Clyde Iron. This holiday season support local Indigenous artisans. Keep it simple, keep it local. If you are a native artist in the area interested in participating in the fair please call (612) 385 – 1557.

As northerners located directly on the path of pollution for the proposed copper-nickel mining and the North American oil transportation plan it is our responsibility to ensure ethical decisions are made to secure a healthy and prosperous future for the seventh generation.


Honor the Earth, WaterLegacy, and the Sioux Chef  welcomes any and all concerned people to Clyde Iron Works Sunday, December 21st for a daylong celebration of our ancestral past and future.



For more information on the Moon of the Little Spirit Feast and to purchase tickets to the dinner, please visit


2 thoughts on “Moon of the Little Spirit Feast – Winona LaDuke and Sean Sherman”

  1. I would love to work on this, probably as a pre-recorded interview. Should it be done ASAP or closer to the event? I am planning on coming in tomorrow morning around 10 or 11, so we can talk more then.


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