Morning Blend Interview and Feature Scheduling

Hi Morning Blend Hosts,

As a way to prepare for KFAI’s staff restructuring, I’m trying to work out a procedure for scheduling interviews and features on the Morning Blend with minimal involvement from the person who will hold the newly re-defined Program Director job.

I don’t know what the Program Committee will do regarding the fate of the Morning Blend, but it is up to us to find a way to keep the program going without day-to-day staff involvement.

Here’s the good news: I think the program can be a good listening experience if we have nothing more than the three hosts simply playing their roles – The Music Host and Producer banter and are informative and welcoming, providing updates on weather and other early morning details. The News Host arrives every twenty minutes with a taste of what is going on in the world. The Tuesday Crew has experimented with this approach and it sounds great!

If we can add newsy features and interviews to the mix, all the better, but we have to be careful not to step on each other’s toes.

Nightmare Scenario: three people show up, expecting to be interviewed at the same time.

That’s why I developed the following procedures.

I’m not sure this is structured properly. I talked this over with the Thursday crew today, but I would like everyone to have the chance to look this over and comment. Please suggest improvements! I’m trying to imagine areas where we could become confused.

I’d like to find a way to head that off.

Please comment in the box below where it says “Volunteer for this Story“.

  1. You have an idea for an interview! Example: You would like to have an in-depth conversation with President Barack Obama about his policy regarding drone strikes.
  2. Log in to Google with Username: kfainews / Password: kfai90!3. Your purpose here is to check the KFAI Google docs to see if someone else has already scheduled a Barack Obama interview on this topic.
  3. Look at Google Drive. Open the Morning Blend folder.
  4. Open the Rundowns folder and look to see if a document exists for the show where this would be broadcast.
    1. If a rundown exists, open it and see if there is room in the show for this feature.
    2. If no rundown exists, create one, using the Morning Blend Rundown templates in the Morning Blend folder.
  5. Note on the rundown where the proposed interview will run.
  6. Then open the Interviews folder and look at the document titles.  You’re in luck! No one has scheduled a Barack Obama interview about Drone Strikes!
  7. Create a document by clicking on the red box that says “New”, and then selecting “Google Docs”.
  8. Enter any useful details in the document to help you prepare for your conversation with Barack Obama, including some question ideas, a sample introduction and his contact information.
  9. Title the document with the date of the scheduled interview first, followed by the interviewee’s name and the subject. Example: 11-24-14 Barack Obama / Drone Strikes
  10. Send an e-mail to your show colleagues, informing them that you have scheduled a feature for a specific date.

One thought on “Morning Blend Interview and Feature Scheduling”

  1. I absolutely support this. I am available and am experienced if any other hosts/volunteers want more assistance. I believe it would be helpful to have someone who has done this procedure with success be available for helpful hints, ideas, experience. I look forward to continuing these ideas.


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